Before You Apply

Before applying to any CFI infrastructure award, researchers should consider the following resources and procedures.

Consider Existing Equipment and Infrastructure at UBC

UBC maintains a variety of resources, infrastructure and databases that may serve your needs. A few of these are highlighted below.

  • IPO Infrastructure Database
    • The IPO maintains an up-to-date listing of available infrastructure and equipment at UBC's Vancouver campus.
  • Computing Services for Big Data
    • Advanced Research Computing (ARC) offers free services to help researchers with computational needs that standard computing infrastructure cannot handle. 
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  • Shared Research Platforms
    • Shared research facilities at UBC offer access to a variety of core facilities and tools including cutting-edge instruments, advanced technologies, and data processing and analysis.
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Confirm Your Eligibility to Apply for CFI Funds

Researchers wishing to apply to any CFI fund should first confirm their eligibility by contacting the Institutional Programs Office. Approval or a nomination from the appropriate dean or associate deans of research of your department/faculty may be required for some programs, such as applications as a JELF Retention Candidate.

Applicants should discuss their infrastructure requirements with their Department Head; UBC's CFI Advisor, Dr. Leonard Foster; and the Institutional Programs Office, before beginning an application.

Contact IPO

Plan to Use UBC's Infrastructure Operating Funds

CFI provides UBC with an Infrastructure Operating Fund in support of approved CFI projects. The infrastructure operating funds comprise up to 30% of the CFI portion of an approved CFI award. Researchers are encouraged to incorporate this fund when planning how to fund the operations and maintenance needs of CFI-funded infrastructure. If you wish to access these funds, please contact the Institutional Programs Office.

Details (CWL Required)

Prepare Renovation and/or Construction Estimates (If Applicable)

If your project involves renovations and/or construction, it is critical that you engage the Facilities Planning team early to start the process of getting estimates. It is expected that all projects will have started PHASE I of the construction/renovation estimate process prior to submitting an internal Expression of Interest. The Facilities Planning team have provided guidelines and documents that outline the details of this process in the attachment below. 

UBC Facilities Planning Guide (CWL Required)