John R. Evans Leaders Fund

The John R. Evans Leaders Fund (JELF) supports institutions to recruit and retain top research talent by investing in their infrastructure needs.

The John R. Evans Leaders Fund (JELF) program is intended to serve the infrastructure needs of individual faculty or, when there is a demonstrated need to share infrastructure, a small group of up to three faculty members, to attract or retain faculty in priority areas as identified in the university’s strategic research plan.

All JELF applicants must have approval from UBC through the IPO to apply and must also apply to the British Columbia Knowledge Development Fund (BCKDF) for matching funding.

Candidates should discuss their infrastructure requirements with their Department Head, the CFI Advisor, Dr. Jehannine C. Austin, and the Institutional Programs Office, before completing an application.

There are three streams for eligible candidates and special instructions for Okanagan researchers:

Attraction Candidates

Attraction candidates are new recruits to UBC appointed within 24 months of the CFI submission deadline.


Retention Candidates

Retention candidates have been UBC faculty members for 24 months or more.


JELF Partnership applications including Canada Research Chair (CRC) nominations

The CFI partners with a number of federal funding agencies to create competitive packages for the funding of infrastructure and research support.


Okanagan researchers — all JELF streams

Candidates based out of the UBC Okanagan campus have specific internal processes and on-site support available to them, as well as specific internal deadlines.