Manage and report on CFI funds

Managing a CFI grant requires periodic financial and project reporting.

Institutional procedures for financial and project reporting to CFI are published in the CFI Policy and Program Guide. Please refer to Sections 7.3, and 7.4. If you require clarification or assistance, please contact the Institutional Programs Office.

The following briefly outlines CFI’s expectations for tracking project expenditures and reporting financial data.

Coverage of CFI-related costs

CFI guidelines do not permit other federal sponsor agencies such as NSERC, NCE, SSHRC, CIHR or other CFI funds to cover any portion of CFI-related costs.

Non-CFI expenditures/ineligible costs

Do not charge non-CFI expenditures to CFI Project/Grants (PGs). 
Examples of non-eligible costs include:  

  • Operating and overhead costs such as office supplies, photocopying, telephone installation and monthly telephone charges, membership fees, entertainment, etc.;
  • Salaries and benefits for administrative staff and faculty, and stipends for graduate and undergraduate students; 
  • Conference travel; Operating costs to conduct research; and
  • ​Equipment maintenance and service costs.
Itemizing eligible expenses

Use the itemized list of eligible expenses worksheet provided by the IPO. You are required to identify the item number for each transaction charged to your PG.

Transfers of expenses by journal voucher

 For transfer of expenditures by journal voucher (JV) from one PG to another, do a line-by-line transfer of amounts. Attach supporting documents to the JV.

Keeping records

Keep all supporting documentation, such as purchase requisitions, purchase orders, receiving reports, invoices, time sheets, and appointment forms (for personnel costs where applicable) in a file separate from other awards, for at least 7 years following the date of transaction. Reference each document to the CFI project budget line item number.

After the award agreement

After the award agreement is in place, obtain pre-approval for any amendments to the budget or project costs. Forward all requests for changes to the IPO via e-mail, with your justification for the change. Please refer to Section 6.6 of the CFI Policy and Program Guide for more information.

Delays in project completion

Notify the IPO if you expect a delay in completing the project compared to the (please refer to the completion date in your finalization of budget). If the delay is significant, UBC must submit a letter to CFI explaining the delay.