UBC Procedures for Retention Candidates

Applications for retention candidates to access JELF cap are subject to approval from their appropriate dean or associate dean of research and to JELF cap availability.

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1. Submit a JELF Cap Request Form to the IPO

Faculties requesting JELF cap for retention candidates, where the candidate has another offer (or potential offer) from another institution, the requestor needs to demonstrate strong commitment from the Faculty and Department to the candidate.  For example, a 30% cash contribution from the Faculty, Department and Research Institute towards the project cash budget, demonstrates strong commitment. Please e-mail completed JELF Cap Request forms to ipo.admin@ubc.ca

UBC JELF Cap Request Form

UBC Okanagan researchers: notify the UBCO Office of Research Services of your intent to apply to the JELF as a retention candidate.

2. Complete CFI's JELF Application

To begin your JELF application, you must first create a CAMS account and complete all of the project modules for the JELF proposal. Our example grants database (CWL Required) may also be of assistance as you prepare your application.

Go to CFI's CAMS portal

3. Submit CFI Application to IPO

Email a PDF of your CFI application (including all project modules) before the internal deadline. The IPO will arrange for it to receive internal peer review and feedback. After the internal peer review, IPO staff will work with you to finalize the application.

View upcoming internal timelines

Submit to IPO

4. Begin BCKDF Application Process

Review the guidelines and complete the application for BCKDF matching funds (step 1 application) after you've submitted your CFI application to the Institutional Programs Office.

Start Application

View upcoming internal timelines (CWL Required)

A. Manage and Report on your CFI Funds

CFI requires researchers to track project expenditures and regularly report on financial data.


The IPO is available to assist you at any time throughout the process. Please do not hesitate to contact us. In addition, your faculty/department grant facilitators are also available if you need assistance.